Roaring Reviews!

Here are some of the nice things that people are saying about Me Monstar:

“Me Monstar: Hear me Roar! is exactly what Minis are about: a delicious amuse-bouche of fun.”

Official Playstation Magaine 9/10

“Finally a bit of class. Me Monstar isn’t just one of the best minis yet, but a perfect embodiment of the concept: a simple idea, beautifully executed for a tiny price.”

PSM3 Magazine 8.9/10

“Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar is the definition of a great PSN exclusive Mini: it is simple to learn, difficult to master, clever in design, pleasing to look at, cheap to buy, and, above all else, fun to play.”

Blistered thumbs 8/10

“…Its the best Playstation Minis game I have played since I started Videogame 4 Gamerz. It’s a really solid well made game. The presentation, visuals, sound design are all solid. It’s addicting and very fun.”

Videogames 4 Gamerz 8/10

“… a unique and original PlayStation Mini, with a stunning art-style and a solid gameplay foundation. The game might not be instantly engaging, but its bonkers premise and silly sense of humour will reward your perseverance.”

Push Square 4/5

“…. what is best about Me Monstar is its colour and verve as it expands. This is a funny game, one that loves setting up domino-like scenarios and chucking you in the middle with just the tool for the job…. It’s a tribute to Me Monstar that, despite lasting a good few hours, you want more.”

Edge 7/10

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